Angaare (2020) Hindi Dubbed HDRip

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The film opens to a school in a village where a boy recites a national anthem before all the staff and students of the school. Another boy is seen running to school as he is late. His teacher punishes him, while comparing him to the boy who recited earlier, who is revealed to be his younger half-brother. An enmity grows in the older brother as he is always compared to his younger brother. The younger brother burns the photo of the older brother's father as he was the reason for his defeat in the school's kabbadi match. In retaliation, the older brother throws the younger brother into a well. Watching him get drowned in the well, the older brother runs away from the village. The film then opens to Mumbai, just a few years after the incident. The older brother grows up to become Ramana (Nandha), who is an underworld don doing smuggling business with the help of the local police and political support. He tries to kill Govardhan, who is a rival to him, but he fails. Arjun (Jiiva) tries to see him for many days but is not able to. Finally, with the help of Ramana's cook Delhi (Santhanam), he manages to see him and tells him about his life story. Arjun is a boxer and accidentally meets Anjana (Taapsee Pannu) while going to a boxing selection match. He could not attend the match because he spoils the miniature that Anjana was carrying for her interview the same day.
Movie Name :
Angaare (2020) Hindi Dubbed HDRip
Category :
New South Indian Hindi Dubbed Movies 2020
Genre :
Action, Drama
Starcast :
Jiiva, Taapsee Pannu, Rahman, Santhanam
Release Date :
Duration :
1 hour 58 minutes

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