Identity Card ek lifeline (2014) DVDRip

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Identity Card is a document of security, But at times this document of security becomes the threat. It is a film about a beautiful land of beautiful people, who unfortunately, are living the state of confusion and suspicion. On one hand, the dream of Independent Kashmir is creating the slavery of terrorism and on the other hand the brute force to keep the peace, is creating more casualties. But in this terrifying situation, the most amazing species, called the humans, is still surviving. And they are surviving with tears and laughter at the same time, Despair and dreams at the same time, And that gives us hope! It is a film from director who has closely experienced the life in Kashmir.
Movie Name :
Identity Card ek lifeline (2014) DVDRip
Category :
Bollywood Movies (2014)
Genre :
Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi
Starcast :
Tia Bajpai, Brijendra Kala, Prashaant Kumar
Release Date :
Duration :
1h 28min

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